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It’s me, Shawan Chowdhury, a PhD student at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland. My passion towards nature started in my childhood days when I preferred to roam around forests and open fields, surrounded by different types of vegetation layers. My interest ignited after getting admitted into the Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. From January 2014 to December 2016, I investigated how butterflies survive in a mega-populated tropical inner-city habitat, Dhaka, and my findings were too alarming. It was fascinating to observe how the diversity of these beautiful creatures fluctuated significantly from one season to another and from one place to the other. Eventually, this helped me to study their migratory behavior. I am mostly interested to work on Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of insects; however, I am always keen to work on other animal groups.


Beside my doctoral research, I am affiliated with two UQ Student-Union certified clubs: SCB UQ-Brisbane Chapter (Secretary) and UQ Bangladesh Association (UQBDA) (Treasurer).

Society for Conservation Biology, UQ-Brisbane Chapter is a part of the international professional organization, ‘Society Picture1for Conservation Biology’. SCB aims to promote scientific work which has an impact on the maintenance, loss, and restoration of plants and animal diversity. Consequently, UQBDA is a Bangladeshi community club of the University of Queensland, where members include students and staffs of the UQ. The main aim of this club is to portray Bangladesh infront of people from multicultural backgrounds, and as a part of this, the governing body organize different events throughout the year.


If anyone is interested to start a discussion on any topic, please feel free to contact me.